VoIP phones are a type of telephone that works using voice over internet protocol (VoIP). A VoIP phone or IP telephony uses voice over internet protocol technology for placing and transferring phone calls over an IP networking, including the Internet. VoIP technology is based on voice data transmitted over the Internet and it requires no additional hardware. This allows businesses and individuals to place phone calls from anywhere in the world at an extremely low cost.

So, how does VoIP work?

First, you need a service provider. There are numerous providers available today and most offer free trials. The basic requirements for VoIP phones are broadband internet connection and a telephone. These requirements vary with each service provider.

If you’re looking at using VoIP technology with your existing phone system, you need to decide on a top platform. There are two different options, Windows and Mac. Windows phones use the WAN server to connect to a VoIP service. The advantage of this method is that you don’t have to switch from your normal PBX system. The disadvantage is that this system often doesn’t provide the same benefits as a hosted VoIP platform.

The two leading VOIP phones are the Skype VoIP phones and Apple phone which use the native Apple hardware to deliver crystal-clear sound and smooth operation. Apple’s VoIP solution, called iPod Video, can be used with any IPTV provider and even without a computer. With these phones and software you get superior performance without all the usual limitations associated with using internet telephony. VoIP phones have other advantages like: being able to take your normal mobile phone with you when traveling; you can place or change phone numbers wherever you wish; having a smaller overall device that fits in your pocket and has a compact display. A recent development is the Skype voip software, which is essentially an extension of Skype.

The most popular amongst users of internet telephony are Blackberry smartphones and HTC Desire phones. With the exception of Blackberrys there are no other communication devices that support voice over IP. The Blackberry is the only mobile device that supports making and receiving calls using Voice over Internet Protocol, which enables users to make cheap long distance calls using the internet from anywhere in the world. Another advantage is that it also allows free video conference calling. Another unique feature is that you can use the microphone feature to take voice notes, which saves money because Voice over Internet Protocol does not require long distance charges.

One major disadvantage is that the Blackberry cannot function as a traditional telephone. This limitation may soon be addressed as more competitive providers announce availability of new phones. Another disadvantage is that they do not support standard analog voice.

  • They use digital format for exchanging data and voice calls.
  • VoIP phones are the best way of making international calls at much cheaper rates.
  • VoIP phones are known for their crisp sound and seamless connection.

VoIP phones have increased in popularity among small and medium-sized businesses,

as they are easier to manage than landlines and provide significant cost savings. This facilitates in increasing the productivity of employees who have increased their business efficiency by making inexpensive calls at affordable rates. Another benefit is that VoIP phones are secure and allow callers to disconnect anytime they wish. This facility is not available with traditional phones. As VoIP phones are increasingly replacing conventional handsets, the competition between VoIP providers is heating up and resulting in better services and lower rates.

The VoIP service provider offers various plans such as unlimited long distance calls, free calling minutes and lower cost per minute calls. The cost savings are enormous when you consider that you can utilize voice over internet protocol instead of regular phone services. You can make VoIP phone services even more cost-effective by subscribing to a VoIP calling plan with an attractive bundle of services such as unlimited long distance calling, low cost minutes, and unlimited domestic and international calling. VoIP calling plan with this kind of offer gives the customer a lot of flexibility, ease, and convenience to utilize their VoIP phone services at the lowest possible costs.