What is Managed Wireless? Managed Wireless is an unadvertised wireless network, which enables customers, residents, or visitors to connect to the Internet through multiple wireless access points around a building, guaranteeing property-wide connectivity. The wireless networks are managed by a company which takes over the process of securing and managing the connection for the establishment. The wireless network providers or managers take care of all technical works like encryption and routing. They also ensure a secure connection by blocking any undesired connections.

Managed wifi providers offer various types of services to ensure better usage of wireless resources and minimize wastage of resources. Managed Wifi providers also use advanced tools like SSIDs and passwords. All the connections, be it wireless or wired, are encrypted and secured by a firewall. Wireless Networks are typically shared among many users to reduce the risk of hacking or unauthorized access. The managed wifi providers usually provide routers and wiring at the site where the office is located.

There are numerous advantages of choosing managed wifi over unsecured wireless internet services. The primary advantage is that users do not have to worry about their security because the system is provided by an outside source. This external source is responsible for Securing the connectivity. It is important to choose an accredited and licensed Managed Wireless internet service provider. Wireless Networks provides multiple connections depending on the number of access points.

In a fully managed public wifi network, the system has been laid out in such a way that each and every device is properly connected to each other. This ensures a speedy flow of data and enables the users to browse the internet without any disruptions. In a fully managed public wifi network, the connection has a reliable connection and each device has been provided with a unique SSID. This helps in ensuring the security of the connectivity. As this is provided by an external source, there is no risk of hacking or other security related issues.

Businesses are now opting for Managed Wifi over unsecured wireless internet providers to cut cost. The process involves giving the manage provider details of the company’s infrastructure. Based on this information the managed wifi service provider designs a plan for each and every employee to gain access to the internet at a reasonable price. A service provider can set per access point as well as the number of employees to gain access to it.

Another major advantage of Managed Wifi Solutions is that they give the option to increase the bandwidth of a wireless network. This is because the Managed Wifi solutions can connect multiple computers to the internet at a time. This increases the speed of the signal and allows users to get a high speed internet connection.

In addition to all these advantages Managed Wifi also offers several different features.

Some of these features include application sharing, which means that the employees will not need to download any software to access the internet. This improves the productivity of the employees and helps them in getting more work done in a shorter time. In this type of Managed Wifi the multiple access points are hosted in a cloud-based server and therefore the employees can gain access to any of these through their laptops.

There are various benefits that come with the Managed Wifi solution.

It is cheaper than using unsecured Wi-Fi providers. The Managed Wifi system is easier to set up compared to other wireless access points.

  • Furthermore, a business can gain extra benefits when they use managed wifi.
  • Business managers and executives often require uninterrupted internet access at all times.
  • Through the cloud-based Managed Wifi it becomes easy for businesses to provide uninterrupted wireless internet access to their employees.